Southeast Cardiovascular Associates goes above and beyond current standards of care in the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. First and foremost, our goal is to prevent cardiovascular disease with early recognition of risk factors and timely intervention. We also strive to provide professional, ethical, and evidence based care to those stricken with cardiovascular disease and events. Below is the breakdown of our cardiovascular services:

Physician and Diagnostic Services

Office/Hospital based consultation
Diagnostic evaluation/Comprehensive history and physical
Electrocardiogram (EKG)
Coronary and peripheral diagnostic catheterization
Radical catheterization
Disease Screening
Coronary risk management
Pre-Surgical clearance evaluation
Exercise testing/Nuclear cardiac imaging
Carotid ultrasound
Peripheral vascular screening
Pacemaker follow up/evaluation
Coagulation testing

Therapeutic and Interventional Services

Interventional Cardiology
Coronary angioplasty/stent placement
Peripheral stent placement
Carotid artery stenting
Aortic aneurysm repair
Limb Salvage
Radio-frequency Ablation for varicose veins

Preventative Services

Cardiovascular preventative evaluation
Executive Physicals
Cholesterol management

Our mission and commitment is to serve the community by providing a superior standard of cardiovascular care to our patients.